Broome County Sportsmens Association

CMP Rimfire Sporter Indoor League

Matches will be held on Saturday mornings starting in the month of November and going through April

Indoor league starting in November, see schedule here

Email confirmations will run from midnight of the Sunday prior to the match to the Wednesday prior to the match closing at 10pm. Relay rosters will then be emailed no later than Friday morning to participants. First relay shooters must arrive no later than 8:45 am, this allows a prompt 9am start.
All type rifles can participate, there will be two rifle classes, CMP class & Open class. League awards will be given for both classes, 1st place $25, 2nd place $20, 3rd place $15. All shooters & rifles will be eligible for the X-count match as long as the following is met.To be eligible for rifle class awards and X-count match prize money a shooter MUST compete in 7 of the first 10 matches, NO Exceptions !!!

Shooters CAN shoot ahead or bank a score to be used to meet the seven matches requirement, you CANNOT use a score banked to delete a previously fired score. The 7 highest scores of the first 10 matches will be counted toward final average. So if all 10 matches are shot then only the 7 highest will be used for average. The 11th match will be the CMP sanctioned match, it will not be counted toward league average. A sanctioned CMP match means CMP award pins will be awarded for shooters that score high enough.

It also makes one eligible to purchase from CMP, scores will be posted on the CMP website. The 12th and final match (X-Count) will not be counted toward league average either. At the 12th and final match shooters will be shooting for X- count only. For each X recorded on CMP Rimfire small targets, a ticket will be put in for a drawing of prize money. Each individual shooter can only win once - so if your name is drawn a second time it will be discarded and another ticket drawn.

Contact Jocko (see contact page) for more information. Also check the CMP web site and look through the “Guide to Rimfire Sporter”.

Here for the "CMP Website"

Here for the "Guide to Rimfire Sporter”