Broome County Sportsmens Association

Sporter Rifle

Sporter rifle is a team sport as well as an individual sport. Each individual shoots against others in his own classification (marksman, sharpshooter, master, etc.). The weekly BCSA team score is a composite of the top five scores by team members that week. Shooting is done from a standing position using NRA light rifle targets at a range of 50 feet. Ten shots for record are fired, in 10 minutes, on each of three targets for a total of 30 shots and a possible top score of 300. Equipment need not be extravagant. The rifle must be .22 cal. rimfire. The only limitation is on the weight of the rifle and scope (if used), which together can not exceed 7 1/2 pounds. Bolt action rifles are preferred, because of their accuracy and ease of safe handling. We shoot in the BCSA indoor range every Tuesday night from September through the end of February. See the BCSA calendar for specific dates and times. There is a NY state champion shoot-off in March. Sporter rifle is a great way to introduce a young person (or the entire family) to the shooting sports. All juniors 12 and older are encouraged to participate. We welcome all to join us in this fun, family sport. For more information contact Ron at e-mail

You can also get more information from the sporter rifle web site